OEI (Observed Experiential Integration)
OEI (Observed Experiential Integration)
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...A Question of Coming Into the Present


Dissociation is the body's response to trauma and intense memories that flood our system. We become overwhelmed and literally can't stay in our body. If you dissociate, you may find that there are gaps in your memory: for instance, others may claim that they've met you, yet you have no recollection; you might find yourself somewhere and wonder how you got there. If you dissociate, your brain has not processed a past trauma. Present events remind the brain of the past trauma and you will respond as you did in the past (i.e., dissociate).


Counselling can help pull the memory from the primitive part of your brain through the emotional centre into the rational thinking centre and move it into your memory bank. Because you processed the experience, you will no longer need to relive the response and can live in the present. 


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